Shinrin-yoku – Forest Bathing for Health (preview)


©Evelyn Symons
   Lily and frog

Story and photography by Evelyn Symons

Shinrin-yoku, ‘forest bathing’, when translated from the Japanese term, is about being mindful of your surroundings, taking time to take it all in, in order to spark creativity before beginning that nature photography session. Evelyn Symons explores the relatively new practice.


2 thoughts on “Shinrin-yoku

  1. I chanced upon a Photography magazine when visiting my doctor today. I feasted upon your article and was drawn both by your beautiful picture of the lotus and the frog (Fully Rely on God) “Each season and time of day provides endless opportunities to look differently at the world around you. Last year’s grasses… weave together subtle warm tones…” I think I was pleasantly lost in the profound depth of mindfulness as I transition into 2019. Thank you and I wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year.

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