Evelyn Symons  –  Behind the Picture and Pen

 Evelyn Symons is a writer and photographer living in Kingston, New Brunswick Canada. “Viewing and learning about the world around me is the foundation that stimulates my curiosity and expands my consciousness. I started photography with only photographic questions on my mind but now it is within the looking process that sets more questions in motion like wind patterns, tree identification, animal tracks, and does moss really grow on the north side of a tree? It is in the inquisitive state that I make my most rewarding photographs.” 

Symons is an enthusiastic and knowledgable coach to help you with your photography. She was a photojournalist for the Londoner Newspaper,  has completed writing courses at the University of Western Ontario, been published in Outdoor Photography Canada, The Londoner Newspaper, Your Pets,  London Citylife Magazine, The Beat Magazine and Computer Science for Fun – Queen Mary University of London. 

Symons contributed two short stories entitled, ‘Home Again’ and ‘Time Travels’ in the book,  “The Fur-Bearing Trout”celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday with stories from several Canadian authors.